Independent documentary film festival
A festival that invites one to reflect, to observe, to feel, to seek the truth and discover new meanings.
Film screenings September 23-28
«Arman» cinema center, Dostyk 104, Almaty

Online festival
September 30 - October 9
Launched in the unusual year of 2020, the first edition of the festival introduced more than 2200 viewers from all over Kazakhstan to 8 strongest documentaries of recent years.

This year the films in our international competition will once again introduce you to stories about non-fictitious characters. They are at the center of the festival films which not only offer aesthetic pleasure, but also urge one to question certain beliefs and perceptions about the surrounding reality. The festival films are points of contact with other people's lives, with previously unfamiliar, yet such fascinating universes.

This upcoming September we will meet not only online, but also at a venue in Almaty! Can't wait.